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Hunger is on the rise in #Myanmar…. – World Food Programme

The official Facebook page of the United Nations. For peace, dignity & equality on a healthy planet. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. 4M likes this.

MARUAH – [Amnesty International] Myanmar: World must act…

Facebook · MARUAH · [Amnesty International] Myanmar: World must act now to prevent another year of intolerable ‘death and misery’ · MARUAH · MARUAH · International …

အသံကောင်းချက် | By Myanmar World

10 jan. 2018 — Facebook · World Wide Web Foundation · Solving Myanmar’s digital gender gap.

How can we solve Myanmar’s… – World Wide Web Foundation

We call on the Myanmar military junta to ensure everyone can connect to the internet all of the time, and to respect and protect people’s fundamental…

We call on the Myanmar… – World Wide Web Foundation | Facebook

World Trigger Episode 5 Translator – Mirai Encoder – Human Xvi Download link in comment Video link -…

LOL Anime Myanmar, profile picture – Facebook

world Trigger -08. Translator -Mirai Encoder -Human Xvi Video link

Hunger is on the rise in #Myanmar | By World – Facebook


The World Oceans Day is a day for humanity to celebrate the ocean. This year’s theme is ” The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods”. Source – human right satsea

World Oceans Day, June 8th———————————————–What is the theme for World Ocean Day 2021?The World Oceans Day is a day for…

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